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In Case You Missed It: Facebook Axed a Post on This Founding U.S. Document Last Week

The anniversary of its home country’s birth was not without incident for Facebook, which attracted attention for automatically striking down a post, flagged as hate speech, containing the words of the Declaration of Independence…. Street Fight

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Another Missed Opportunity in Mobile

While there are isolated, effective mobile campaigns out there I continue to see mostly “lame” mobile display advertising in the browser and in apps. It tends to be intrusive or irrelevant or have poor creative or some combination of all of these. The other day in the New York Times mobile app I saw a […]

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Missed the Indoor Location Webinar? Watch It Below

If you missed the Indoor Location webinar yesterday you can view it below or here. Jon Rosen from iInside offered a valuable overview of current indoor location technology in the market (WiFi, bluetooth, sound, LED lighting) as well as the benefits and limitations of each. He also presented a great rundown of the kinds of […]

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