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Yodle Launches Centermark for National Local Entities

One of the hottest trends in local marketing is ?National Local,? which accounted for 32.1 percent or $ 42.5 billion of the $ 132.5 billion spent on local media advertising in 2012. BIA/Kelsey projects that national?s share of local ad spending is expected to grow to nearly $ 51 billion by 2017. While sometimes obscuring […]

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Yodle’s New ‘Centermark’ Product Offers ‘Distributed Marketing Automation’

Marketing automation is a term that’s thrown around a great deal. It’s a kind of marketing buzzword without precise definition. The central idea, however, is simplification — taking a complex or fragmented set of channels or tactics and making them more coordinated through some sort of machine capability that removes manual, human… ScreenwerkScreenwerk

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