Mergers & Acquisitions



cartoon2Given our network and detailed knowledge of both the Local Commerce sectors in Canada and the various business models within it, we often work with the investment community, companies and private investors/entrepreneurs to initiate far more effective acquisition conversations and strategies.

Given the size, growth and interest in the Local Commerce sector, there are always opportunities for M&A. Some of the services we provide include:



M&A Advisory (Buyer or Seller)
An M&A strategy happens long before one gets acquired. M&A interest is often about existing business relationships and we urge those we work with to start that process early. We help business owners, entrepreneurs and boards determine potential acquisition targets, we provide introductions, Strategic Partnerships and provide industry guidance.

Strategic Partnerships
A large number of M&A have occurred between companies that have already done business together as strategic partners. M&A is a process and part of that process is establishing a business relationship. Such relationships in the form of a strategic partnership are effective. We have been helping companies form strategic partnerships for over fifteen years. We can help.

Funding Direction
The Local Commerce space is in growth mode. There are many fabulous technologies, online or mobile services available that would grow even faster with the right funding support. We can help by being a liaison between your requirements and funding providers (private funds, Angels, Venture Capital, Investment Funds, Corporate investment). Relationships are key and we help bridge those gaps.

M&A Consolidation Opportunities
Given our network, experience and understanding of the Local Commerce market in Canada, we tend to see a handful of growth and consolidation opportunities across the country.  At times, we bring and discuss these opportunities with the investment community for the purpose of initiating further expansion of this market in Canada. If you are in private equity, venture capital, Investment banking, Angel Investing or a company in investment mode, then we welcome conversations surrounding growth and consolidation opportunities within Canada.


Whether its Social Commerce, Deal Commerce, Mobile Commerce, Online directories, Lead Generation services, Review sites, discovery services or native Local commerce services or technologies, the market is large, its growing and there are opportunities for growth, especially in Canada.

If you are interested in buying, selling, funding or investing in a Local Commerce business, then do get a hold of us. Our insight may very well provide opportunities that are worthwhile.