Aside from showing your support for the industry, there are a number of benefits associated in becoming a member of the association.

Whether your organization is a technology provider, a retailer, merchant, a marketer, an agency, a mobile app, a media company or service provider – or any other type of organization that contributes to the local commerce sector,  – The Local Commerce Association of Canada can be a key partner in helping you achieve your objectives in Canada.


Members receive a wide range of benefits, including:


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  • Relationships/Referrals/Network development: Opportunities to build findustry relationships, develop potential partnerships, meet key industry players, and potentially find new customers.
  • Research: Free and unlimited access to our research and reports for Premier Members and discounts on any third party research for all members. We provide our own primary research, data, statistics, reports, etc. We also aggregate research provided by other thought leaders in the industry, and members can also add their own research accessible to members only.
  • Insight: Learn from others, share yours and expand your knowledge of Local Commerce
  • PR: We promote our members! Be it through articles, case studies, whitepapers, media outreach, video or other formats, our goal is to promote  the industry and promote our members.
  • Publish your news: Use the association as an outlet to publish your Press Releases, news and articles. They will get in the hands of those directly involved in the industry.
  • Participate in industry wide surveys: Members have the opportunity to partake in industry wide surveys. The results of which are free for all participating members.
  • Joint Research & Whitepapers: LCAC members can participate in such initiatives that further expand, educate, and promote the industry in Canada and influence potential customers.
  • Opportunities to sponsor: Be it events, whitepapers, research, webinars or other.
  • Industry Association: Showcase your membership in the industry through the use of the “Proud member of” badge. This helps providers across the country showcase that they are part of a viable and growing association and movement in Local Commerce.


The industry is in a constant state of change and development and always requiring a new set of tools, analysis, data, feedback and relationships. We at LCAC believe in building industry relationships that matter. Simply put, the Local Commerce Association of Canada exists to help grow your business, to educate, promote, measure, protect and advise the local commerce industry in Canada, working in tandem with your organization’s objectives.



  • Location based, Local focused online or mobile technologies that help consumers discover or transact with local merchants
  • Location based, Local focused online or mobile technologies that help local merchants find, manage and sell to local consumers
  • Location Based Marketing Organizations
  • Deal commerce providers (those that sell to local consumer or drive local consumers to purchase at a local merchant)
  • Social Commerce providers that drive customers to local merchants/retailers
  • Mobile commerce providers that drive customers to local merchants/retailers
  • Local Associations, organizations
  • Online Directories, Niche directories to help find local businesses (directories for restaurants, lawyers, dentists, Spa, etc)
  • Retailers/Merchants
  • Industry individuals/consultants


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