Consulting & Advisory Services


We make some consulting and advisory services available to senior executives, marketers, entrepreneurs, retailers, the investment community and industry professionals so as to understand and leverage the local commerce space in Canada further.

There are very exciting business opportunities surrounding this sector. Our objective is to communicate and work with those companies and professionals who wish to leverage them.

If any of these statements fit your present needs, then do communicate with us about adding value to your objectives.


  • Our team would like to get more up-to-date with the latest strategies and business models in the Local Commerce space.
  • Can you provide our executive team with insight of the local commerce sector in Canada?
  • Can you guide us through Social commerce, Deal commerce, Mobile commerce and how they relate to Local Commerce?
  • Can you speak at our event about the Local Commerce sector?


For Entrepreneurs: 

  • How can we get investors to fund/invest in our service?
  • We’re a media company. How can we best leverage the local commerce space?
  • We’re an online directory, how can we further leverage the local commerce sector
  • We would like to build a local commerce services and need advice.
  • Can you advise us on Local Commerce technology platforms?
  • We have a strategy, know the market, but would always welcome expert advice.
  • We do not have a clear strategy and need direction.
  • We would like to acquire a local commerce service/business, can you help with our strategy, sourcing potential targets, etc?


For Media companies, Online Portals, Online Directories:

  • We have a large and established audience. Help us leverage local commerce initiatives to drive further revenues?
  • We have a strategy we are targeting, but we need further guidance.
  • Can you help us select or recommend local commerce technology platforms?


For Owners of a local commerce services/technologies

  • Can you help us find marketing & strategic partnerships
  • Can you help us PR/promote our service?
  • Our present strategy needs a little tweaking.
  • We need new or better branding surrounding our service.
  • We have a temporary need for business development/executive leadership.
  • We’d like to use a technology platform, can you recommend one?
  • We would like to sell our business, can you recommend potential buyers?
  • We would like to acquire other businesses in the local commerce sector, can you help us with this?


For Investment Professionals (VC, Investors, Angels):

  • Can you provide our team with insight of the overall Local Commerce space in Canada
  • Can you provide us with insight on a specific business within this space?
  • Can you work with one of our investments? They need advice on sales, business development, marketing, partnerships, other?
  • We are looking to invest in this space. Can you provide guidance?


For Retailers and Merchants; big and small

  • Can you help us leverage Local commerce technologies and services to impact revenue
  • Can you provide us with insight and best practices in using local commerce campaigns
  • Can you provide insight on a specific local commerce provider?
  • Which local commerce service or technology should we use?

Reach out, and let us know how we can help.