PR & Advocacy

512Px - 375We exist to promote the industry’s successes, content and the various services and technologies within. Canadian content and successes must be promoted.

Market Intelligence

512Px - 200Not much has been published in Canada pertaining to this industry. We will work diligently to provide data, research and content that is relevant to Canadian business.


512Px - 392Members are provided with a set of benefits to help further promote them throughout the industry and provide insight into the Local commerce sector. Please visit the membership section.

Industry Ecosystem

512Px - 088Call them Ecosystems, Landscapes or whatever you like. They are an indispensable tool for an immediate graphical overview of the whole industry and its players. Visit our Ecosystem section.

Merchant Knowledge

512Px - 312Merchants need knowledge. We are publishing an online portal full of tools, case studies, presentations, FAQs, How-To guides and other resources to help Merchants leverage the power of local commerce.

Consulting & Advisory

512Px - 011All businesses need guidance or advice. We are providing consulting & advisory services to further impact the industry in Canada. Please visit our Consulting section to determine if we can be of help.

Industry Directory

512Px - 316We have published the industry’s most complete resource directory of companies, services, organizations and technologies within the Local Commerce sector in Canada. Please visit the Directory now.

Content, Content, Content

512Px - 125Content, as they say, is king. Without it, there is no knowledge. Our primary goals include publishing and promoting content that delivers thought leadership and relevancy to the Canadian market.

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