Research and data available in Canada for the overall local commerce industry is rather scarce. The majority of insight comes from United States data. Besides data from Search, sectors such as reviews, deal commerce, social commerce, mobile commerce, lead generation services and other services and technologies focused on the local consumer are not published or promoted as much as they should be. We are trying to change this.

As we continue to highlight the Local Commerce industry in Canada, we will work with industry experts, organizations and data resources in order to provide our audience with more relevant insight into the Local Commerce market.


The following provides some of the research and insight we have accumulated thus far.

Numbers & Stats


Here are some data points and interesting facts pertaining to the overall local commerce market, including local search, mobile, deals and other.

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Industry Ecosystems


View an array of commerce ecosystems throughout Canada and the USA. They are effective at providing a graphical overview of the industry.

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Industry Content


Review a set of leading Local Commerce content from top industry sources. Reports, blogs, Infographics, whitepapers, etc. We will accumulate them all here.

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Industry Data


We are diligently working on gathering data for local commerce in Canada. Please view some of the data we already collect and offer the industry.

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Through the use of Infographics, view interesting and entertaining data points and facts about the various aspects of the Local Commerce market.

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Our Research & Insight


Gain access to our own insight in the form of whitepapers, data, reports, case studies, surveys and aggregated information into the Local Commerce market.

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